Stéphanie Badawi   

Through my work I have consistently sought to engage with the viewer on an emotional level, to draw them into a narrative that leaves them asking questions.

Stephanie Badawi   
Graphic Designer
Based in East London

(2) RIO
Branding, digital design, product demo video conception and animation
A new way to stay informed is coming. Introducing Rio, the leading AI for fact-checked news, brought to you by Curio, the award-winning journalism app.

Every day, Rio delves into top newspapers and magazines, meticulously selecting the news that truly matters to you. Rio curates articles from leading publications like the Financial Times and the Washington Post, along with compelling reads from sources such as The Atlantic.

As a result of the launch of the product demo video on Product Hunt, the company tripled the number of sign-ups in less than a week. The video was also presented live at SXSW, the cutting-edge conference in Austin, and was very well received by the audience.

Client • Curio, Audio journalism app