Stéphanie Badawi   

Through my work I have consistently sought to engage with the viewer on an emotional level, to draw them into a narrative that leaves them asking questions.

Stephanie Badawi   
Graphic Designer
Based in East London

Branding, Social media campaign, UI      
Planet for Tomorrow is an audio series hosted by sustainability advocates, covering a range of environmental topics, such as fast fashion and food waste. Each episode delves into practical solutions that can be easily incorporated into our everyday routines.

The show’s branding incorporates aerial imagery of our planet, with the aim to visualise the magnitude and significance of our collective actions. A distinctive landscape is associated with each host, creating a new identity for every episode. To emphasise the need for progress, a futuristic typeface and symbols are employed.

These designs have resulted in a total of 14 pieces of coverage to date, including mentions in The Independent and Podcasting Today. The launch on social media achieved 117,860 impressions and an engagement rate of 12.16%.

Experience with the sound on.

Client • Curio, Audio journalism app