Stéphanie Badawi   

Through my work I have consistently sought to engage with the viewer on an emotional level, to draw them into a narrative that leaves them asking questions.

Stephanie Badawi   
Graphic Designer
Based in East London

(9) I will be your idol
Exhibition branding

The exhibition ‘I will be your idol’ examines the origin of our cultural references and questions the relationship between normative and subversive cultures. More specifically, the works (re)present female-like figures who, by redefining established gender constructions and breaking binary codes, resist power relations and influence knowledge production. By shedding light on these new representations, the exhibition imagines a world in which these idols can stand up against contemporary knowledge and subvert the narrative.

Curator • Camille Regli
Artists • Gery Georgieva, Maëlle Gross and Ceylan Öztrük
Client • Camille Regli for at onCurating Zurich
Dimensions •  148x210mm | 905x1280mm